Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i visit the ice bar?

There are about 50 real ice bars around the world. If you haven't been to one before, Lindos Ice Bar offers the lowest entry fee. Not only is it a popular drinking spot. Lindos Ice Bar also has a Restaurant and warm bar area which serves Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch and dinner.

What time do you open?

Our warm bar area and Restaurant are open 8am - late evening. The Ice Bar is open 10am - 2am everyday.

Do i have to pay to enter the ice bar?

Yes, there are several deals available to suit all budgets ranging from entry only, entry with fee drinks, or entry with free drinks and merchandise.

Are there any discounts for large groups?

Yes, if there are 15 or more people in a group we can discount or give additional drinks on the entry deals.For groups of 25 or more we recommend you call first to let us know you are coming but it is not essential.

Can i take photos inside the ice bar?

Yes, absolutely. We urge everyone to bring their cameras with them. Staff are happy to take your photos for you at anytime.

How long will i be able to stay inside the ice bar?

Everyone is different of course. The maximum time limit inside ice bar is 30 minutes.

What is the best time to visit Ice Bar?

There is no fixed timing. The quietest times are generally from about 10am to 5 pm. If you have young children we recommend visiting during this time. We are busiest from 9pm to 2am. We close at 2am.

Are drinks expensive inside the Ice Bar?

All coctails and long drinks inside the ice bar are 6 euros. Regular drinks in the main bar are in line with most other bars in Lindos.

Where is Lindos Ice Bar?

We are based in Krana square which is on the main road, above Lindos village opposite the hill leading to Lindos main square.

Will i be cold?

That depends on you. When you buy an entry ticket it includes the rental of a warm cape and gloves. Covered shoes are recommended but not essential.


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